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RED* - Alumni Magazine

Seneca Alumni is published by the Seneca College Alumni Association once per year. The magazine was established in 1993 to meet the educational and professional needs of Seneca alumni. It is also distributed to students, faculty and staff.

In 2011, the magazine was redesigned as more of a "year book," which highlights alumni and student successes, while helping them advance in their careers. The resulting magazine, designed by Underline Studios is called RED. It brings together diverse stories from across the Seneca Alumni community and connects the college's alumni to the current activities of the school’s four campuses and numerous programs. The result is an alumni magazine that recipients will not only want to read, but also keep.

RED 2016
View current issue of RED.
RED 2016
View current issue of RED.

View accessible version of RED.

Gratitude* - Donor Magazine

We are delighted to present you with the inaugural edition of Gratitude*, Seneca’s annual report to donors. This report highlights acts of kindness among our many donors and sponsors. Indeed, there are more inspiring stories that we could tell in these pages. While the characters in these tales are diverse, there is one common theme that runs throughout: Generosity is the key to creating a great educational experience for students.

Gratitude* celebrates the College’s many generous supporters, while providing an update on philanthropic endeavors and our students’ successes. Our goal with this publication is for donors like you to fully understand the positive impact your contributions make at Seneca.

On behalf of everyone here, we would like to thank you for your support of Seneca students.

Past Issues (PDF)

Year Issue
2015 RED 2015  
2014 RED 2014  
2013 RED 2013  
2012 RED 2012  
2011 RED 2011  
2010 Volume 1  
2009 Volume 1 Volume 2
2008 Volume 1 Volume 2
2007 Volume 1 Volume 2
2006 Volume 1 Volume 2
2005 Volume 1 Volume 2
2004 Volume 1 Volume 2
2003 Volume 1 Volume 2
2002 Volume 1 Volume 2

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Its mail distribution is approximately 45,000, and it is provided to 43,000 alumni via email and on the Seneca Alumni Web site.View our rate card (PDF format) for advertising rates and magazine distribution. Inquires may be directed to the Alumni Office.